• Continually ensure the numbers stay right and are distributed timely

  • Answer staff questions as new issues arise

  • Coach accounting staff to meet their goals

  • Lead a team meeting to hear recommendations, make improvements, keep team focused on company vision and provide group training

  • Ongoing collaboration with outside professionals to ensure company stays compliant: accountants, bankers, lawyers etc…

  • Ensure audits run smoothly

  • Coordinate the preparation of the operation, capital and cash budget and forecast

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the best for your team, ensuring they perform at their best for you. It is our belief that your back office team is there to support the front office while working together towards the success of the organization.  To achieve success and create a winning back office team there needs to be a coach executing the game plan.  All stages of service include coaching your current team and implementing processes while providing direction, guidance, training and mentoring.  

Reoccurring Activities

Clean up and Organization

  • Get the numbers right by reconciling the balance sheet, analyzing the income statement and ensuring all costs are allocated appropriately to the correct job, client or functional expense category

  • Distribute the numbers by developing list of reports for internal managers to help them make better decisions

  • Create and train staff on the “game plan” a.k.a. Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual

  • Make sure everyone knows where to find information and ensuring that information stays confidential by organizing the accounting network drive

  • Make sure each player knows their position by developing job descriptions for the accounting departmentGet everyone aligned and working towards one goal by setting accounting department and individual goals in line with overall company goals

We recognize each organization is different and not all services are right for you.  We will work with you to recommend the ideal service model based on your needs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.  Let us come to your rescue!

Additional Needs

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Sample Finance and Accounting Services

  • Recruit and train new team players

  • Implementing new policies and procedures

  • Fixed asset inventory

  • Update accounting system by maintaining the current system or implementing a new system

  • Customized services to fit your needs